Dates: May 4, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM to 02:00 PM

Foraging for Wild Edibles in the Midwest

Price: $40.0

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Part 6 of the 10 Part Wilderness Survival Series

This hiking course is designed and taught by the Panther Creek Survival and Life Skills Crew to introduce people to wild edibles found in Central Illinois and throughout the Midwest. This course will cover an array of local wildlife plant species that are edible and some that are medicinal. Learn how these plants can be harvested, prepared, their reported medicinal qualities and how they might have been used in traditional medicine years ago. Discussions will include the many uses for Common Plantain, Mullen, and Henbit and how Mustard-Garlic can spice up your best hamburger. While sipping on freshly made Dandelion tea there will be chats about the many uses of Dandelions. Also, foraging basics will be covered:

-Laws and legal considerations that govern foraging
-The Universal Edibility Test for survival
-Wild edible plants that are common
-Season availability
-Where to find and when to harvest
-What to avoid in wild edibles
-Common lookalikes
-How to ensure positive identification
-Much more

Location: Parkside Pavilion on the West Side of Wildlife Prairie Park
Hike Rating: Easy
Price: $36 for WPP Members; $40 for non-members
Participants Can Bring: Small, flat baskets or paper sacks for collecting materials.

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