Dates: May 5, 2024

Time: 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM

Gaia, Mother Earth, and the Oneness of Everything

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Join Special Guest, Jim Scott: singer-songwriter, eco-activist, and former musician with the Paul Winter Consort, as he presents his original work Gaia, Mother Earth, and the Oneness of Everything. We will celebrate the earth with songs, readings, and personal reflections on Mother Earth or “Gaia” being one living organism. Our “spiritual response” is so timely now, as the spirit of life on earth is in crisis. Jim’s uplifting songs provide the balance to the wake-up call, leaving us with vision and inspiration to take the healing into our own hands.

Jim speaks with passion on ecology, justice and peace, and often works with choirs, inspiring singers to new levels of expression. His lyrical poetry and stories are calls to action, full of hope and gentle wit. As song-leader he lifts joyous participation from audiences.

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