NYE for Us Old People at Olivers North

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Are you pushing 40? Are you older than that? Do you not want to be out late, calling overpriced Ubers, and starting 2024 with an overwhelming sense of dread? Well, we have a solution for you! Stop by Oliver’s North this New Year’s Eve for our first-ever New Year’s Eve for Us Old People.We’re not staying up until midnight like we did in our 20s, but we don’t want to miss all of the silly, fun traditions of NYE past. Stupid hats? Yep. Noisemakers? You betcha. Champagne toast that is really some sort of sparkling wine from California? No diggity. Countdown to 2024? HECK YES!It’s 2024 somewhere at 8:00pm, right? So let’s just get it over with four hours early when it’s probably still safe on the roads. Look, we’re not bashing the age-old tradition of staying out late and partying until we can’t feel feelings anymore, but if your hard partying days are in the rearview mirror of your Pontiac Sunfire, then why not celebrate New Year’s with us at 8:00pm–You know, like an old person?

Highlights of the event:*Dessert Special*Appetizer Special*New Year’s Eve Hats/Noisemakers*’Champagne’ Toast & Countdown to 2024 at 7:59pm (Sparkling Cider also available for you hardcore folks)*Prize drawings at 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, and 8:00pm!*You’ll be home in bed by 9:00pm (or you can keep the party going at da club or wherever you crazy kids hang out)
Reservations are encouraged! Email us at jimkellyentertainment@gmail.com to reserve space for you and your ‘old’ friends.


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