Snakes & Stars w/ BUTTA at Kenny’s

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About The BandsSnakes & Stars: Snakes and Stars is a brand new musical creation of Michael Travis (The String Cheese Incident, EOTO) and Aaron Johnston (Brazilian Girls, David Byrne’s American Utopia). Long time friends and collaborators, Michael and Aaron were looking for new avenues of musical creation when Michael reached out to share a concept for a new Electronic Duo. They got together to check it out and it worked! It worked very, very well. The musical visions synchronized effortlessly and Snakes and Stars was born.
The Sound: Snakes and Stars consists of two of live music’s top drummers exploring various idioms of electronic and dance music in a live, improvisational format. While DJs play previous recorded tracks Snakes and Stars plays everything live and makes up the songs as they go. Relying on a combined 60 years of live music experience, Travis and Johnston utilize vocals, synthesizers, electronic pads and triggers, drum kit, guitar, bass and samples to create a one of a kind musical experience in the moment. Every show is a unique experience, a playful interaction between the two artists, audience and the surrounding energy they collectively create together to guide the music. No two shows will ever be the same. The band finds its inspiration in deep electronic roots from minimal, trance, techno and house and downtempo along with contemporary electronic stylings like trap and dubstep , Snakes and Stars is a leap forward in today’s live music scene mixing improvisation with the most modern concepts of modern dance music.
BUTTA’:BUTTA’ is the passion project of four rhythmically similar, yet stylistically different, Central Illinois musicians: Lewis “Levi” Huber (Bass, Vocals), Brian “Burr” Richardson (Lead Guitar), Tyler “Fro” Reavley (Electric Guitar, Vocals), Parker Rose (Drums, Vocals). There are no musical boundaries that cannot be smashed to bits by this heavy, psychedelic, funk-rock, jam quartet. Their original songs span multiple genres, reflecting the diverse nature of the members’ personal musical inspirations. Formed in 2018, BUTTA’ has evolved into a wholly unique, jet-fueled, groove carnival of a band. Driven by fantastically gross bass lines, and a whole bag of beats that make it shake… BUTTA’ brings their whole unique brand, featuring casually in-your-face lyrics, and face-melting guitar solos wherever they go. Tastefully offensive and credibly unprofessional… There’s nothing quite like BUTTA’.


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