Dates: March 6, 2024 to December 4, 2024

Time: 07:00 PM to 08:00 PM

Sound Bath at Soulside Healing Arts

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Join Celeste with Celestial Connections Wednesday 7pm-8pm at Soulside Healing Arts Center for a Chakra Restorative Sound Bath facilitated with a set of Crystal Singing Bowls with the intention of balancing the chakras while moving energy, removing energy blockages, and promoting positive energy and healing.

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What is a Sound Bath?: A therapeutic and meditative experience where you are encouraged to relax comfortably and allow the sounds and vibrations to wash over you produced by a wide variety of instruments.

Benefits of Sound Baths include but are not limited to: stress reduction, spiritual growth, enhanced focus and concentration, improved sleep, physical healing, and emotional release.

About Celeste, the facilitator: Hello friends! My intention for providing sound healing for the community is to create a sacred space for your new exploration into self-care, transformation, and authentic happiness. I am a certified Sound Healing and Vibrational Therapies facilitator through Meditate: School of Mindfulness and Sound. My Sound Healing journey started in 2023 when I began to seek out holistic healing techniques for self-care and exploration into the self. After my first sound bath, I was a believer and continue to carry that belief in the power of sound through my intentions. The core of my practice is Sound + Intention = Healing. Before I became a Sound Healing Facilitator, I worked at Carle Health for 3 years after receiving my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from SIUC in a locked, adult behavioral health unit providing one to one therapeutic conversations, facilitating educational groups, and crisis prevention and intervention.

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