Dates: August 6, 2023 to August 13, 2023

Time: 12:30 AM to 02:30 AM

Titanic: The Musical

Based on the incredible true story, “Titanic The Musical” (not based on the movie) brings an epic show of history’s most tragic maiden voyage of the grand passenger liner, The Titanic. Thought unsinkable, this man-made, historical feat carried the individual stories of her passengers and crew. Discover the people aboard The Titanic with characters from all backgrounds and walks of life with joys and sorrows, pleasure and pain, some survived, but many perished. This Tony Award-winning Broadway musical features an epic score, live orchestra, and an ensemble cast that can double/triple roles if needed. This scaled down production uses 20 actors playing all of the roles, an abstract set design, projections of the actual ship and passengers, and new orchestrations designed to make the score sound as if it was being played by the ship’s band. Material that had been previously cut from the original Broadway production was put back into the show, and existing material was reordered and reassigned.

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