Yet Fest


When: Saturday, September 9th, 2023 at 2PM
Where: The 808 Room – 808 Meadows Ave, East Peoria, IL 61611
About: YET festival, in it’s inaugural year, and with the gracious help of The 808 Room, will help raise money and donate instruments & funds to the Peoria Instrument Project.
The Goal: $1500 raised for the Peoria Instrument Project.
The Lineup: (performance times TBA) STIKY, LOA, First Date Kiss, Ryan Kynd, Tarpley and Friends, Jake Rebman, Steve Dudley, AJ Schmall Band, Risker, Surf Rider, Sold Out Secrets, Joshua Maubach, Lonesome Jones, SHATTERSTORY, Kayla Bragdon, Chasing Hope, Nick Lee, Noah Kale, Nate Kieser, hez, ASA SPADES, Ethan Zulz, and more artists still being confirmed!
Why: With the rising costs of goods, livable wages in decline, and music being eliminated from some schools, we want to ensure that all kids have an opportunity to play music.
Music is universal. Music heals. Music unites. Music evokes emotion. We need music to continue and we believe this event is just one step to help create the next generation of musicians.
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