Krab Kingz Peoria

2517 N. Main Street East Peoria , IL 61611
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Cooking comes naturally for Chloe Simpson. Her father was a baker and her mother a devoted cook. With the guidance of her parents, Chloe learned her own style of cooking and prepared wonderful meals for her family at an early age. At 14 Chloe remembers preparing and cooking her first Thanksgiving dinner. It was a feast and a reassurance for young Chloe that her passion was cooking.

Her family has always been supportive and has encouraged her to pursue her dreams of opening a restaurant. Krab Kingz Seafood is that dream come true for Chloe and her family. East Peoria is home to their family-owned and operated restaurant. They are proud of the quality, and service they provide to the greater Peoria community.

Krab Kingz Seafood originally opened its doors in December of 2021 and has been welcomed by members of the community. “The amount of support we have received from the community has been so positive,” said Chloe. This positive attitude by community members is what makes our area is so unique and a prosperous community for business owners to invest in.


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