Spoon River Trail Bridge

Spoon River Wyoming, IL 61491
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Located west of Wyoming, this large truss and girder bridge crosses the Spoon River.
Built in 1899 as part of a line change, the bridge consists of three spans. The main span of the bridge is a large 6-panel riveted Warren Through Truss. This span is approached by three deck girder spans and trestle approaches on the east end.
The bridge largely sits on stone and steel caisson substructures, although concrete and timber substructures were also noted on the bridge.
The truss is an early example of a riveted Warren Through Truss for railroad use. In addition, the steel caisson piers on the east approach are unusual.
Today, the bridge is a part of the Rock Island Trail. Upon conversion to a trail, it clearly was rehabilitated and painted.
Overall, the bridge appears to be in good condition, with little major deterioration.