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Teamwork is a vital part of any community, and if you’re looking for things to do with a group you’ve come to the right place. The Peoria area is filled with opportunities that require you to work with others and will help you to grow relationships within a team. Visit any of these locations with your group for an enjoyable team building experience!

First Ascent {Peoria} // Built by climbers, for climbers of all ability levels. World-class rock climbing terrain, a full schedule of yoga classes, and state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Escape 60 {Peoria} // Groups get the chance to work together and think on their feet during a live escape room adventure. Choose from a number of escape rooms with different tasks and show off your problem solving skills in a high pressure environment. You may have to find a serial killer, disarm a missile that’s about to explode, or save all of mankind! 

Escapetown {Peoria} // Also a location providing the area with escape room adventures, Escape Town Peoria encourages groups to take on a challenge and work together to break out of an interactive and creative escape room. Pick a room theme with options ranging from a party house to a wild west jailbreak, and get ready to use your critical thinking skills. 

Golf Greater Peoria {Article} // Our golf courses are an ideal destination for a team outing. Put your golf skills to the test and take part in some healthy competition!

Gone Social {Peoria} // A one-stop destination great for letting loose and having fun as a group. From ax throwing and escape rooms to virtual reality and a rage room, this won’t disappoint!

Mt. Hawley Bowl + Castle Golf {Peoria} // Enjoy some outdoor mini golf. Choose your club, grab a drink and get ready for a challenging evening.

Pekin Paintball Park {Pekin} // Take your team out for some friendly fire! With several fields to play on like “Call of Duty”, Wild West, Speedball and more, you’ll never forget this experience.

Pekin Park District {Pekin} // Does your group have a love for learning? The Pekin Park District is the perfect destination for adventuring and programs that will not only get you moving but will teach you new skills. With hiking and biking trails, ice skating, horseback riding, athletic fields and more, there’s plenty of opportunities for fun and discovery. Enjoy a game of golf or mini golf, or break out of your comfort zone by renting paddle boats and boating on the lagoon!

Greater Peoria understands the importance of collaboration and teamwork in our region. Make one of these destinations your next spot for a team building activity or some group fun. 

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