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There are plenty of memorable restaurants in Greater Peoria for couples to enjoy. From cozy bistros to elegant fine dining establishments, from intimate candlelit settings to stunning views of the region—these restaurants provide the perfect ambiance for a great evening out on the town. Afterall, the quickest way to our hearts is through our stomachs. Luckily, the Greater Peoria Area is dotted with restaurants to make you swoon.

So, grab your boo or work up the courage to ask out a crush—these romantic hideaways are perfect for date night!


Bistro 101   {Canton}   //   This elevated bistro is tucked away in downtown Canton. We highly recommend checking it out for a date night—you can’t go wrong with a menu crafted from innovative recipes and fresh ingredients. The diverse and delicious menu is accompanied with great service and strong drinks, Bistro 101 is a superb choice for a night out.


Capponi’s Restaurant   {Toluca}   //   Capponi’s is an old school family Italian restaurant with an incredibly welcoming atmosphere that makes this classic joint an essential date spot. If you are craving Italian comfort foods like risotto, pasta, or marinated proteins, make a reservation at Capponi’s

Gator'z Pub + Grill   {La Rose}   //   Gator’z Pub + Grill is a quaint local spot in La Rose with a newly renovated vibe—providing a fun atmosphere. Add Gator’z to your casual date night list for a tasty burger or hand tossed pizza. We promise it will become your new favorite hideaway.

Italian Villa   {Henry}   //   The Italian Villa is a hidden gem and the perfect place for a low-key pizza date. This local pizza shop has a dedicated clientele driving miles for a slice of happiness—stop in with your date to experience what all the fuss is about. Their hand tossed, made-from-scratch pizza crust, ooey gooey cheese, and freshly chopped toppings is the perfect dish to bond over.

Mona’s Italian Food   {Toluca}   //   Mona’s Italian Food has a nostalgic ambiance that will transport you from Toluca to a quaint little street in Italy. Giving you the opportunity to fully enjoy their creamy, flavorful pasta, juicy chicken, and fun twists on other classics. Treat yourself and a lover to a date night at Mona’s that feels straight out of a movie.

Scapecchi's Supper Club   {Farmington}   //   Scapecchi’s Supper Club is family run and has been around for over 20 years, so they have the date night experience down. They’ve mastered the tender, melt in your mouth steak, perfectly cooked fish, with unmatched appetizers and cocktails, and you can’t not have dessert! Lovingly wander down to Farmington with your better half and let Scapecchi show you how it's done.


Babe’s on Plum  {Havana}   //   Babe’s on Plum is a little slice of heaven you can find tucked into Havana. They have diverse delicious weekly menus that will keep you curiously wanting to come back. You and your babe will absolutely fall in love with Babe’s.

Hawks Grove Inn  {Manito}   //   Manito is home to a lot of places but Hawks Grove Inn  is, dare I say, some of the best food in town. With truly unmatched classic options like steak, fried chicken, catfish, and much more. Hawks Grove inn will be a place you and your honey will want to come back to over and over.

Los Charros  {Havana}   //   Los Charros is the place to go for those who dabble in margarita tasting. Not only do they have some of the best margs around, they also have the best top notch, authentic, Mexican cuisine. Havana’s Los Charros is the place to go when you and your boo want the true Mexican restaurant experience.


Connected  {Peoria}   //   Connected is a true hidden gem, giving you a truly elevated dining experience you won’t find anywhere else, except Italy. This upscale Italian restaurant has food that you could only dream of and elevated signature cocktails that add a little sprinkle of magic to your dining experience. Connected is the place to go if you truly want to celebrate.

Fusion 45  {Peoria Heights}   //    Peoria Heights home to Fusion 45, with a modern industrial feel, it will feel like you are dining in a big city! They have a network of over 60+ local farms that provide a revolving door of fresh ingredients. This is a fusion not only of culinary delights but also of atmospheres.

Fish House  {Peoria}   //   The Fish house is Peoria’s home of seafood perfection. They specialize in fresh seafood dishes from around the world with an eclectic mix of steak, Chicken and pasta dishes that will satisfy all appetites. The fish house is a date night must visit for you and your beloved.

Gil’s Supper Club  {Hanna City}   //   GIl’s Supper Club has been in business since 1962, in the same location with the same delicious chicken recipe for over 50 years. Known for their iconic fried chicken, Jumbo pork tenderloins and a full service menu with a variety of items. You have to travel to Hanna CIty to go to GIl’s, OH and don’t forget to get your sweetie pie a pie!

Jim’s Steakhouse  {Peoria}   //  Jim’s Steakhouse was started in Peoria and has been around for over half a century. They use dry-aged beef, a time consuming and expensive operation indulged in by only a lucky few. They supply their customers with the freshest of produce, the highest quality ingredients and supreme care in preparation. Jim’s Steakhouse will curate the most excellent date night for you and your lover.

Joe’s Original Italian + Martini Bar  {Peoria Heights}   //   Joe’s is the place to go if you want Italian food that is plentiful and delicious. They have perfected classic Italian-American cuisine along with having perfected excellent cocktails, appetizers, pastas, and entrees such as Chicken Parmesan, Veal Marsala, or a filet wrapped in bacon and a lot more. Joe’s Original Italian + Martini Bar is a must-go for you and your truelove, Word on the street is that they also make a mean martini!

Lariat Steakhouse  {Peoria}   //   As one of the original restaurants in Peoria IL, The Lariat Steakhouse has been serving top-quality steaks and seafood to discerning diners for almost 80 years. Famous for their juicy 1 ½ pound prime rib, hefty 8-ounce hand-cut fresh salmon and mouth-watering lobster tail, among many other specialties to delight your palate. Let Lariat Steakhouse do all the work so you and your loved one can have a magical night out.

Mi Ranchito  {Elmwood}   //  Everyone is in need of a go to Mexican Restaurant, Mi Ranchito in Elmwood is perfect for that role. They’ve got a massive menu full of options for everyone and are known for their lightning-fast kitchen. They provide true authentic delicious Mexican cuisine, flavorful margaritas, and you have to top it all off with a tasty dessert! You and your love will have a new go-to after visiting Mi Ranchito.

Odie’s  {Chillicothe}   //  Chillicothe’s Odie’s has a magical energy along with a delectable menu in a quaint, modern industrial atmosphere. Whether you're in the mood for a doughnut or a sandwich, Odie's has you covered. This restaurant will make you fall in love with your significant other all over again.

Rhythm Kitchen  {Peoria}   //   Rhythm Kitchen welcomes you with open arms and funky vibes. Everyone needs a hip, fresh riverfront cafe and bar with live music, coffee & a menu of outstanding global eats on their go to date night list. Rhythm Kitchen will quickly work its way into your hearts.

Saffron Social  {Peoria}  //  Saffron Social was designed as a classic date night destination. Wine and dine your love from a menu of prime steaks, fresh seafoods, and savory pasta entrees. Their extensive wine list includes 30 different bottles by the glass.

Suite Fire Bar + Grille  {Peoria}   //   The Suite Fire Bar + Grille is an upscale casual restaurant and is conveniently located inside the Holiday Inn Suites, Peoria at Grand Prairie. Providing a spacious bar, incredible fresh menu options, outdoor patio with firepits, multiple flat screen TV’s and insanely cozy conversation areas. Suite FIre Bar + Grille will show you and your boo a truly magical night that you will never forget.


Catalpa Grove Tavern {Toulon}   //   If you and your love need an adventure, Catalpa Grove Tavern is the place. It’s off the beaten path but trust me, it's well worth the drive. Well known for its insanely delicious burgers, and delicious breakfast food. Toulon’s Catalpa Grove Tavern is the perfect place if you and your love need a little adventure.

The Lounge  {Wyoming}   //   The Lounge in Wyoming may not be the place for a beautiful dinner but it’s PERFECT for a super fun time with drinks, appetizers, and games! Grab your lover or a group of friends and have the time of your life at The Lounge!


BC BBQ  {Pekin}   //   BC BBQ in Pekin is some of THE best BBQ around! With all of the classic favorites like flavorful ribs, brisket, and unreal pulled pork. You and your boo must find your way to Pekin to enjoy some BBQ!

Bernardi’s Restaurant  {Washington}   //   Your search for an Authentic Italian Restaurant is over, Benardi’s in Washington is the answer. Their tortellini and spaghetti will transport your taste buds to Northern Italy, where their recipes and family first began. WIth something everyone can enjoy, Bernardi's is somewhere you and your love must visit.

Jonah’s Seafood House  {East Peoria}   //   This elevated restaurant is right on the river in East Peoria. Jonah’s Seafood House serves fresh seafood that is flown in daily to meet their high standards for quality. At The 2601 Oyster Bar with its first come first serve rule you will always find a lively crowd, enjoying the casual, yet upscale atmosphere. Jonah’s Seafood House and 2601 Oyster Bar are essential date night experiences.

Season’s Gastropub  {Morton}   //   Seasons is an American gastropub with food that is done fresh, utilizing great local seasonal ingredients. Come in for a scrumptious dinner while enjoying a great bar selection of wines, craft beers, and cocktails along with incredible live music. FInd your way to Morton so Season’s can sweep you off your feet.

Smokin’ Notes BBQ  {East Peoria}   //   Known to be the best BBQ in East Peoria. With huge portions and killer food such as brisket that reminds people of Memphis and Bbq chicken that falls right off the bone, and absolutely insane ribs. Top notch BBQ like this is rare so make sure you make the visit to Smokin’s Notes BBQ.

Tin Lizard  {East Peoria}   //   Tin Lizard should be your go-to spot for a lively yet comfortable atmosphere! They feature a wide range of tasty shambles, craft brews, creative cocktails, and daily delicious specials. Choose the Tin Lizard in East Peoria for a date night, enjoy good eats, good drinks, and the best local and regional bands! Then, maybe even wander into the casino… if you’re feeling lucky

Yesterday’s Bar + Grill  {Pekin}   //   Yesterday’s Bar and Grill has been a  staple of downtown Pekin since 1994. This local gem is an incredible after dark spot for people who need a night off. A variety of delicacies ranging from perfectly cooked salmon, Butternut squash risotto, Huge french onion bites. When you and your lover need a wonderful lowkey day night, Yesterday's is perfect.


Sheets Creek Saloon  {Spring Bay}   //   You can find Sheets Creek Salon off one of the lakes in Spring Bay. Phenomenal Burgers, you don't even wanna ruin with condiments, and fries that are seasoned perfectly. Sheet’s Creek Salon will show you a night you and your date will not forget!

Sicily Pizza  {Washburn}   //   If you are in need of a genuinely delicious slice of pizza Washburn’s very own Sicily Pizza is the perfect place to go. With homemade Italian food, and the experiences they provide you will have lasting memories with the person you love.

The Bowling Alley  {Eureka}   //   With a name that stems from their history The Bowling Alley is a super fun experience in Eureka. No operational lanes but they still offer darts, billiards, pinball and golden tee to play while enjoying a scrumptious cocktail. Yummy food and a fun environment will keep you coming back for more.

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