Café Santa Rosa

1327 E Kelly Ave Peoria Heights, IL 61616
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Heber and Marta Vidal originally planned to stay in Peoria for just two years. But now, 25 years later, they can’t imagine being anywhere else. Heber chose Peoria based on a simple postcard picture he saw of downtown and the Illinois River. The hospitality and warmth of the city made it very easy for the couple to stay and make Peoria their permanent home.

After years of owning a coffee farm in Colombia and studying coffee, they decided to open up their own business. With perseverance, Cafe Santa Rosa opened its doors in July 2020 at Junction City in Peoria. Cafe Santa Rosa controls every step of their coffee supply chain, “from farm to cup,” which allows them to bring the freshest coffee possible to their customers.

Every purchase made at Cafe Santa Rosa gives back to the families that grow and cultivate the coffee in Colombia.


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