City of Canton

2 North Main Street Canton , IL 61520
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The City of Canton is located in Fulton County. This charming little town has a long and fascinating history, filled with inventors and adventurers as diverse as Elizabeth Magie, a contributor to the creation of the Monopoly board game, and Charles Duryea, developer of the first practical automobile. Astronaut Colonel Steve Nagle, the 100th American in space, is from Canton, as is Bill Cook, founder of Cook Group, Inc., the largest privately-held medical device manufacturer in the world. Perhaps fitting, since Canton is surrounded by rich and bountiful farmland, the town is best known for the genius of William Parlin, and his business partner, William Orendorff, who created the P&O Plowworks, which later became International Harvester.

The Canton community today has the same drive for innovation and creative thinking, thriving when other small communities may have lost sight of the very thing that made them special. We cherish our heritage, we take advantage of the opportunities available today, and we can't wait for the future.


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