10 Places for Chicken + Waffles in Greater Peoria


Guest Writer: Emma Bakken


Calling all chicken and waffles fans! This controversial combination is loved by many, but others are skeptical of the idea. Chicken and waffle fans know that the salty and crispy goodness of the chicken with the sweetness of the waffle and syrup create the perfect balance of flavors for breakfast or brunch. Don’t bash it until you try it! Here are some spots in the Peoria Area where you can try out the tasty combination of chicken and waffles. 

Thyme Kitchen & Craft Beer  //  Thyme Kitchen & Craft Beer offers a delicious brunch menu that of course includes chicken and waffles. How can you say no to boneless fried chicken thighs, a tasty waffle,  blueberry rhubarb compote, and honey butter?!

Childers Eatery ​  //   Childers Eatery is a Peoria favorite for a hearty breakfast. Childers offers a chicken and waffle benedict, which is a unique twist on the usual combination. The benedict includes a Belgian waffle, fried chicken tenders, cheddar cheese, locally sourced Kentucky bourbon cured bacon, poached eggs, hollandaise, and Vermont pure maple syrup. 

Sweet Basil Cafe​   //   Sweet Basil Cafe is the perfect option for a more classic take on the chicken and waffle combination. You can’t go wrong with a waffle, chicken tenders, maple syrup, and cinnamon butter.

W.E. Sullivans Irish Pub & Fare​  //  Chicken and waffle lovers who want to try something different should check out W.E. Sullivans. In addition to delicious Irish fare, W.E. Sullivans has a spicy chicken and waffle sandwich on the menu. The sandwich is made up of deep-fried double battered chicken breast, melted sriracha jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and sriracha mayo. It’s served on a homemade honey maple bacon waffle and also comes with a side of syrup to pour on top or use for dipping.

Eggcellent Cafe  // Visit Eggcellent Cafe in East Peoria for hand-breaded chicken tenders and a pure Belgian waffle. If you want to try something a little different, the menu also has southern-style chicken and pancakes, packed with the flavors of honey butter and vanilla spiced rum!

One World Cafe   //   One World Cafe hands down has some of the best chicken and waffles in the area. Not only does it include a fluffy Belgian waffle with crispy chicken tenders and bacon strips, but the meal is served with homemade sausage gravy and warm maple syrup.

The 50s Diner   //   Sometimes the basics are better! The 50s Diner serves up a classic chicken and waffles meal consisting of two large hand-breaded chicken strips that are served on a thick Belgian waffle with syrup on the side. Yum!

Industry Brewing Co.   //   Industry Brewing might be known for their beers and beverages, but their brunch menu is not one you want to miss! Industry Brewing offers a chicken and waffle flavor combination that’s a little different. With ranch-marinated chicken breast, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a sugar-pear waffle, you can’t go wrong. The dish is drizzled with maple Chipotle honey mustard and is also served with a tasty side of hash browns and of course, whiskey maple syrup.

PO-Boys on Frostwood   //   PO-Boys on Frostwood brings New Orleans to Peoria with an outstanding soul food menu featuring chicken and waffles! Try the tasty Belgian waffles piled high with fried chicken breast strips and topped with signature maple syrup. 

Midway Duck Inn   //   Midway Duck Inn Restaurant & Bar is famous for its pan-fried chicken, so of course, its Sunday special is a chicken and waffles dish! Midway Duck Inn buttermilk brines its chicken, tosses it lightly, and pan-fries it to perfection. You won’t want to pass up this tasty chicken combined with a maple chutney sugar bomb and sweet Belgian sugar waffles.

The Peoria area is a chicken and waffle lovers’ dream come true! Stop into any of these spots the next time you’re craving the unique (and delicious) combination of chicken and waffles!

Guest Writer: Emma Bakken
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