9 Great Places to Watch the Sunset in Greater Peoria


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There is really nothing better than a nice relaxing end to a long day. Whether you need to clear your mind after a stressful day or just wind down, the perfect way to end the day is by catching a sunset. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of a Greater Peoria Area sunset all year round!

Grandview Drive  {Peoria Heights}   //   Peoria’s famous Grandview Drive wasn’t named  “the most beautiful drive in the world” for no reason! Hop in the car and cruise down this 2.5-mile scenic drive for unforgettable sunset views over the Illinois River. With lookouts all along the route, feel free to pull over and get settled at the picnic benches and take it all in. Whether you are in the car or having a picnic on the grass, the sunsets on Grandview Drive are truly unmatched!

Tower Park   {Peoria Heights}   //   There is no better way to see the sunset than to be IN the sunset! Head over to Tower Park in Peoria Heights for an unmatched view of Greater Peoria sunsets. Tower Park is home to a 200 ft water tower, complete with three observation decks, allowing for panoramic views of the Peoria Area and breathtaking sunsets like you’ve never experienced before.

Dozer Park  {Peoria}   //   What’s better than watching a sunset? Watching a sunset with a hot dog and beer in hand! Dozer Park offers the full sunset experience, allowing you to enjoy a minor league baseball game on a nice summer evening with a sunset as the backdrop. And even better, more often than not, Dozer Park ends the night with fireworks after the sunset, topping off the perfect summer night!

Chillicothe Observation Tower  {Chillicothe}   //   Right along the water in Chillicothe sits Eagles Landing Park. Eagle Landing might be a great place to observe native bird species, but its newest addition provides the perfect place to enjoy a Peoria Area sunset. Check out the recently added observation tower, and see for yourself why people love an evening in Greater Peoria and do it from 50ft in the air!

Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream Shop  {Eureka}   //   There is only one thing better than ice cream on a warm summer night, and that would be watching a sunset on a warm summer night, ice cream in hand. Lucky for us, Uncle Bob’s Ice Cream is a one-stop shop for just that. Stop by and try a one-of-a-kind ice cream flavor and enjoy the Eureka sunsets locals love oh so much.

Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge {Lewistown}   //   Looking to become one with nature? Head to Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge for a sunset like never before. This refuge is home to thousands of birds and native species, the perfect company for a nice sunset. Whether you’re hiking, canoeing, or hanging out on the observation decks or boardwalk, a Peoria Area sunset at  Emiquon National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect way to top off a good day.

Fon du Lac Drive  {East Peoria}   //   For the best views of Peoria’s iconic skyline at dusk, take a cruise down Fondulac Drive in East Peoria. Complete with two lookout points, these scenic stops mean that you can enjoy year-round sunsets from the comfort of your car. With the sunset as its backdrop, the city has never looked so pretty!

Eastport Marina  {East Peoria}   //   Treat yourself to the perfect end to the day after a long day on the water! The end of a day calls for relaxation, and what better way to do that than by watching a sunset? Whether on land or sea, everyone at Eastport Marina can catch the sun as it dips under the horizon. So put the boat in park or park your butt in a lawn chair and enjoy the perfect end to a great day.

Lake Eureka Park  {Eureka}   //   Eureka Lake is one of Woodford County’s hidden gems. Whether you stop by for fishing or kayaking, there is one thing you are sure to enjoy: a good sunset. So, put the car in park and take in the boundless beauty that Eureka has to offer, complete with a sunset reflecting off the water.

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