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You will never experience a shortage of food options in the Peoria Area. You can find any style of cuisine in our expansive list of delicious eats, and that includes incomparable flavor combinations. If you’re the type to search for unique flavors, start with exploring the options on this list!


Sweet Tater Cheesecake at Triple Dipple’s Treats + Delicacies  {Chillicothe}    //    You’ve heard of sweet potatoes in a pie, now get ready to try them in a cheesecake! The self-dubbed “home of the sweet tater cheesecake” is sure to leave you with a good impression with this treat.

Blackberry Queso Ice Cream at Yeni’s Palarte {Peoria Heights}    //    This ice cream shop has mastered the skill of combining and creating one of a kind palates. The blackberry and cheese pairing is just one of many incredible flavors you can choose from!

Kaleidoscope Popcorn at Holland’s Caramel Corn  {Washington}    //    If you are a fan of candied popcorn, you will love the colorful rainbow assortment from this mercantile store. You can also find this mix at several grocery stores across Central Illinois if you’re in a time crunch.

Tiger Tales Donut at Tadoughs  {Pekin}    //    Potatoes are a well loved staple for lunches and dinners, but don’t forget to include them in your breakfast! Try this “spudnut special” made from a secret recipe that has been perfected since the early 1960’s.

Wonton Nachos at Pho Noodle House  {East Peoria}    //    Nothing can go wrong with a good fusion meal, especially when it comes to combining wontons and nachos. After this appetizer, explore some of the other incredible items on the menu that have fed guests for three generations.

Surf + Turf Fry at The Fry Spot  {Peoria}    //    Move those fries from your side to your entree, because you’ll be eating them with shrimp, meat, and lots of sauce on top for this meal. You can also choose from 11 other noteworthy fry dinner options!



Beetroot Latte at CxT Roasting Co  {Peoria}    //    A local classic, CxT has mastered the art of a comprehensive menu sure to please anyone. You can count on a drink crafted to perfection at this establishment, even when it comes to adding beetroot to a coffee.

Raaka Cocoa Magic at Zion Coffee Bar  {Peoria}    //    This fan-favorite coffee shop is always pushing the boundaries with new flavors, including adding adaptogenic mushrooms to this chocolate drink. If mushrooms aren’t your thing, then check out the other fascinating menu items, you won’t be disappointed!

Wildflower Wine at Spoon River Junction Winery  {Canton}    //    With a purpose to expand the boundaries when it comes to producing wine, this winery offers one-of-a-kind styles for you to try. Wildflower is the newest addition to their lineup, with citrus and floral notes added to this sweet white wine.

Earl Greyhound Cocktail at Black Band Distillery  {Peoria}    //    If you’re looking for a good drink, stop by this local distillery and try this alcoholic blend of earl grey, grapefruit, lemon, and vanilla. If you go on a Saturday, don’t miss a tour of the distillery to complete the unique experience!

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Discover Peoria

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