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Alexa Hoffman of Alevan Botanica, Guest Writer


Looking for a week-long or weekend reset? Peoria features amazing stores, studios, and experiences to feel your best. Whether you are looking to try a new workout, enjoy a healthy meal with friends, get outside, or all of the above—Peoria has it all. 

As a recent Peoria transplant, I have spent the last year or so exploring the area for places that make me feel healthy, balanced and joyful. Read on for some of my favorites!

Senara Spa    //    Luxuriate at Senara Spa with their numerous wellness packages that change seasonally. From detox wraps to facials to massages, there is an appealing option for everyone. Try an aromatherapy massage and you will get to pick one of the custom Alevan Botanica massage blends of your choice! This spa also offers chiropractic and acupuncture services, as well as a retail shop.

Yogijanie Trapeze    //    A new addition to the Peoria yoga scene, enjoy various types of yoga trapeze flows led by Janie Backs. Yoga trapeze is helpful for increased range of motion, deeper shoulder and hip opening and back pain relief – to name a few. New to trapeze yoga? Don’t be nervous at all, the founder and experienced instructor, Janie, makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable! I personally recommend the gravity trapeze class on Wednesday evenings; it is the perfect mid-week self care ritual!

Yoga Projekt Reformer    //    Have you experienced the new and expanded lower-level studio at Yoga Projekt? Not only home to Yogijanie Trapeze but also a brand-new, stunning Reformer studio space. Reformer Pilates is an effective method for deep strengthening and flexibility. From beginner to advanced to jumpboard, there’s a class for everyone! 

Jacaranda Inferno Pilates    //    The only place to take an Inferno Pilates class in Central Illinois. Maybe I am the tiniest bit biased as the teacher of this method, but it truly is a one of a kind workout experience! This popular workout method is all the rage throughout the country and internationally. Expect a class that is high-energy, low-impact and always full body. It’s fun, accessible for all levels and challenging! Join me on Monday evenings at 7pm or Wednesday mornings at 6am.

Eat and Evolve    //    Fuel your body with simple, wholesome food that is big on flavor. Located in Junction City, you can grab a healthy meal anytime of day. Try one of the delicious Whole30 bowls such as the Turkey Taco Bowl or Breakfast Bowl to feel nourished, healthy and energized for the rest of your day.

Real Smooth Foods    //    Favorite smoothie spot hands down and a post-workout must have. The founder, Breanna, uses the highest quality ingredients and my favorite protein powder. The menu is a mix of classic blends with unique ones you cannot find anywhere else! Some of their popular blends include Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Banana and Pear Sage. Check out their smoothie society and smoothie stash options so you can enjoy a healthy smoothie every day of the week. 

Cyd’s in the Park    //    A great restaurant with healthy options for lunch or dinner! Not only can you enjoy a healthy meal but it is also in a park to get a post-meal walk and Vitamin D sunshine break as well. Try one of the amazing salads, such as the Citrus Salmon salad, for a lunch that does not disappoint! In a rush? Visit the takeout market for a snack or meal on the go. This is my favorite place to enjoy a great meal in a beautiful setting with friends or when family is in town!

Forest Park Nature Preserve    //    Getting outside is one of my favorite ways to feel grounded, less stressed and balanced. I love coming to this Peoria Park District gem with my husband and daughter to enjoy good conversation and a walk or hike. There’s a lot of different loops and trail options for whatever mood or timeframe you have! 

Peoria Nutrition Spot  //  Serving smoothies, energy refreshers, protein donuts, and guilt sugar-free snacks. The Nutrition Spot will be a go-to when it comes to quick and healthy eating!

Soulside Healing Arts Restorative Yoga    //    This studio is truly welcoming. I met the founder, Hannah, not long after moving to Peoria and we bonded over having very similar views on yoga being accessible and inclusive. Not only does Soulside offer a variety of weekly classes, the studio also hosts Well Fest each year. This year the event takes place on June 3; you can expect workshops, classes, community and a market of wellness vendors from the area. I am excited Alevan Botanica will be at Wellfest again this year and I will be leading a short workshop on Ayurveda. Mark your calendars! 

Zion Coffee Bar   //    Delicious brews and teas plus toasts featuring some of our favorite local food brands like 309 Cultures. Keep your mind, body, and gut healthy and happy with a kimchi-avocado toast plus a matcha latte or cappuccino to start your weekend morning in a beautiful, bright, and airy setting.

Peoria Riverfront Market    //    The wellness destination to attend during the summer. Shop all of your favorite local brands such as Alevan Botanica309 CulturesMaiden Reed and StemGrandma and Grandpa’s Farm and more plus support local farmers and eat local produce all summer long. Every Saturday beginning May 20th through September from 8am – noon.

Alexa Hoffman of Alevan Botanica, Guest Writer

Alexa is the founder of Alevan Botanica, an Ayurvedic Health Coach, aromatherapist and yoga teacher. Her journey to finding her path in the wellness space is a personal one; she spent over 6 years working in high-stress, unfulfilling jobs in several metropolitan cities while watching her mental and physical health deteriorate; she left her career path to devote herself to natural wellness through the mediums of yoga, ayurvedic nutrition and aromatherapy. Her Peoria-based company, Alevan Botanica, is a holistic wellness brand rooted in aromatherapy and Ayurveda, offering both products and services.

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