Marshall County

122 N. Prairie Lacon, IL 61540
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Marshall County Airport in Lacon, Illinois features two runways: Runway 13/31, which is 4,003 feet long and made of asphalt, and Runway 18/36, which is 2,199 feet long and also made of asphalt. The airport provides services such as fueling, maintenance, and aircraft rentals, and serves as an essential transportation hub for the surrounding community.
From our Things to Do with Kids in Marshall, Stark, and Woodford Counties blog: Love watching airplanes take off? This “out-of-the-box” idea needs just a sprinkle of creativity to bring to life … take some sheets of paper and markers along, color or doodle paper airplanes while you wait to watch real planes soar! OR grab a few books and enjoy reading with your kiddos while waiting for those planes to land. The airport is open to the public daily, however, we recommend visiting on the weekends to see the most planes take off and land.


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