Sugar Frenzy

7706 North Grand Prairie Drive Peoria , IL 61615
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Cierra Sargent found her passion for baking while she was a student at Bradley. A college part-time- job became a long joyful baking journey. These humble beginnings made Cierra’s passion and creativity grow stronger. She is a self-taught baker and adds a very special touch to all her treats.

Sugar Frenzy is more than a Bakery, it is a place for others to experience the joy of baking. Baking classes are often taking place and families are creating new lasting memories. These unique baking experiences are open for all to enjoy.

Cierra encourages customers to be transparent about their experience at Sugar Frenzy and is always open to new recipes. She strives to provide customers with personalized experiences by baking flavorful treats with the most memorable presentations. At Sugar Frenzy you can find cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and more.


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