The Pie Doctor

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I am Rebecca Dieter, a veterinarian turned stay at home mom and home baker. I learned my way around the kitchen from my mom. Not only did she teach me how to bake fantastic pies from scratch, she also taught me that there's nothing more important than family. When I was growing up, sharing a pie was a family event, and it often started with the fruit. We picked and pitted cherries, and peeled and sliced apples that we grew on our farm. When the work was done, we would gather around the table to laugh, remember, and share our stories.

Pie time was family time. So after practicing small animal medicine and surgery for 11 years, I decided to devote myself full time to my own family. I am grateful to my husband, our two young sons, and the rest of my family, for supporting me now as a home baker. As "The Pie Doctor" I want to make delicious pies that bring your family and friends together, like they do for us.


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