Woodford County

Woodford County is the largest producer of organic farming in the state of Illinois! While these delicious fruits and veggies are sold throughout the country, you can pick through the freshest batches at our local farmer’s markets. Due to higher elevation and flat plains of farmland, locals claim Woodford county is home to the most beautiful sunsets in the area. 

You can catch one of those sunsets at Metamora Fields Golf Club. Metamora Fields, an exclusively public facility, offers a challenging yet playable experience for golfers of all levels. In the warm seasons, check out Metamora swimming pool, a great destination for kids with water slides. Go on an adventure at Black Partridge Park, which has an extensive mountain bike and trail system filled with fun and thrill. Enjoy the beauty of nature, a kids playground and many pavilions where you can relax and enjoy your surroundings. If you're in need of a coffee break, stop by Eli's coffee shop for tasty coffee flavors and treats. 

In the mood for something sweet after your round of golf? Uncle Bob’s Homemade Ice Cream opened in July 1980 at the Heart of Illinois Fair and now has a permanent location in Eureka. Uncle Bob’s works with local dairies, bakeries and suppliers to ensure their product is fresh and homemade, plus you can even buy quarts of your favorite flavors at local grocery stores! 

Also nestled in Eureka is President Ronald Reagan’s alma mater, Eureka College. This liberal arts and science institution is affiliated with the Christian Church and offers an intimate college experience. Located on campus is The Ronald Reagan Museum and Peace Garden in honor of the United States 40th President. The museum collection houses over 10,000 items from President Reagan’s Eureka College student days, movie and TV career, the governorship of California and his two terms as president. 

Woodford County is also home to Germantown Hills, a blend of small town living with big city convenience. Be sure to check out Buttermilk Café for a delicious breakfast. Kouri's Grill and Bar is another local food favorite. 

Enjoy an escape from reality by visiting Spring Bay, known for its untouched wilderness and peaceful parks. Spring Bay is the perfect spot to float along creeks and lakes and for boating on the Illinois River.

Things to Do in Woodford County

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