Peoria offers various transportation options for getting around the city. Here are a few ways to navigate Peoria:

  1. Driving: If you have access to a car, driving is a popular mode of transportation in Peoria. The city has well-maintained roads and highways, and ample parking facilities are available throughout the city.
  2. Public Transportation: Peoria's public transportation system, provided by the Greater Peoria Mass Transit District (CityLink), operates buses that serve various routes within the city and its surrounding areas. CityLink offers convenient schedules and affordable fares, making it an accessible option for many. The city has a resource for trip planning and public transportation.
  3. Bicycling: Peoria is bicycle-friendly, with a growing network of bike lanes and trails. You can rent a bike from one of the many bike-sharing stations in the city or bring your own. Exploring Peoria on two wheels allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the area while promoting an eco-friendly mode of transportation.
  4. Ridesharing and Taxis: Services like Uber and Lyft are available in Peoria, providing convenient on-demand transportation. Taxis can also be found throughout the city if you prefer more traditional cab services.
  5. Walking: Peoria has numerous sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly areas, particularly in the downtown district. Walking can be a great way to explore the city, especially if you're heading to nearby attractions or navigating shorter distances.
  6. Shuttle Services: Some hotels and attractions in Peoria may offer shuttle services for their guests. If you're staying at a hotel, it's worth inquiring whether they provide transportation to popular destinations.

When getting around Peoria, consider factors such as your destination, the distance you need to travel, and your personal preferences. Each mode of transportation offers its own advantages, so choose the option that aligns with your needs and ensures a comfortable journey. Enjoy exploring Peoria!

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