Marshall County

122 N. Prairie Lacon , IL 61540
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Marshall County is located in the north central part of Illinois (covering an area approximately 35 miles east and west and ten miles north and south), having a total area of 393 square miles and a 2010 population of 12,640. The Illinois River intersects the County northerly and southerly, separating the County in approximately a western one-third and an eastern two-thirds.

The topography is typical Midwestern flat prairie land, except the scenic Illinois River Valley with its attending creek basin tributaries with the river valley varying in widths from one to approximately 2 miles. Marshall County is located approximately 120 miles southwest of the City of Chicago thirty miles northeast of Peoria ninety miles southeast of the Moline-Davenport-Rock Island community and 30 miles southwest of the LaSalle-Ottawa-Streator complex.


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