Budget-friendly Fun!


Samantha Whiting, Guest Writer


There is so much to do in Peoria! While you’re busy filling your schedule with fun events and activities and balancing your budget in between, you may find yourself wondering about the free activities our community has to offer. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite free things to do for you to enjoy this spring. 


Regardless of the time of year, try getting out of the house and into the fresh air to enjoy some fun outdoors. 

A Perfect Picnic  //  The Peoria area is home to many beautiful parks. Pack a picnic at home and venture out to claim a spot in Robinson ParkDetweiller ParkBradley Park, or one of the other dozens of parks in the area. 

Hit the Trails​ // Hiking is good for the soul and for your wallet! Enjoy nature on the trails of Forest Park Nature Center or join a group of hikers like Hike Like it’s Hot, a Central Illinois hiking group for women, to discover new trails and make new friends.

Ride Like the Wind​  //  Peoria Park District offers Bicycle Safety Town, a place where kids can safely take their bikes to the streets! Pack up the kids and their biking gear and head over to burn some energy and ride like the wind, free of charge. 


Peoria is rich with the work of local and visiting artists. Tap into your creative side to explore what the art community in Peoria has to offer. 

Enjoy a Gallery  //  Attend an art show or view an art gallery at staples of the Peoria art community like the Peoria Art Guild and The Contemporary Art Center of Peoria, where free events are offered to art enthusiasts regularly. 

Sculpture Walk // The Peoria Art Guild organizes a Sculpture Walk each year to support artists and sculptors from all over the country. Begin at the Peoria Riverfront Museum and follow the map to explore each of the nine sculptures along the streets of downtown Peoria.


Peoria’s history is rich, but learning about our community’s past doesn’t have to cost a thing. Step back in time with these fun and free activities. 

Take a Drive  //  See the sights of historic Grandview Drive, a two and a half mile stretch of breathtaking landscapes and beautifully crafted houses. Explore what Theordore Roosevelt once called “the world’s most beautiful drive.”

Visit Historical Sights  //  Check out the Peoria Historical Society to find historical sights throughout the community, and explore significant locations on your own, or with a guided tour when the budget allows, to deepen your understanding of the history of our community.

Head to the Library  //  The Peoria Public Library is home to thousands of books across five branches located throughout the Peoria area. The library offers a welcoming place for all ages to learn and explore, as well as several free events and clubs.

Take a Trip to the Museum  //  Museums throughout our community connect us to the notable events of our past. The Peoria Riverfront Museum offers a wide variety of learning adventures, and occasionally offers Free Museum Days to both seniors and children. The Caterpillar Visitors Center allows kids to explore the history of one of the largest businesses in Peoria, free of cost. 

Samantha Whiting, Guest Writer

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