Bearded Owl Brewing

112 State St. Suite 1A Peoria, IL 61602
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Gather around the campfire, the origin story of Bearded Owl Brewery is best told illuminated by a crackling flame in the woods. While taking an evening hike with his son Jimmy on a camping trip, Nick Babock's attempts at giving young Jimmy a scare came back to bite him, or better yet, scratch him. Upon entering an old, abandoned barn, Nick discovered he was not alone inside he saw the orange eyes of a horned own roosting. Jimmy, reluctantly following his dad inside, was stunned by the giant bird. As the owl took flight, both Nick and Kimmy hit the ground to avoid its large talons.

Quickly becoming a Central Illinois favorite, Bearded Owl is a great place to grab a local brew any day of the week. The Discover Peoria team recommends the Will-O'-the-Whisp, Farmhouse ale with basil.


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