Big Picture Peoria

9115 N Picture Ridge Rd Peoria, IL 61615
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Big Picture Peoria is changing the Face of Peoria. Imagine a city beaming with pride and displaying that pride with an abundance of public art. Imagine walls that were once barren brick concrete now alive with murals. Imagine public parks filled with sculpture and painting walls for kids to decorate. Imagine walking through the streets and stopping in at the local shops and restaurants that sprung up because art brought people to the area. With your help, Peoria will be that city.

The Big Picture Initiative was born of bureaucratic red tape. During an attempt to attain a city permit to paint a mural on a building the Warehouse District, Doug and Eileen Leunig discovered a historical landmark status prohibiting painting on the actual building. So instead, the artist painted onto vinyl and by the grace of an ordinance change, mounted the mural to the building instead. And thus, the Bi Pitcutre Initiative was born.


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