Good Tequilas Mexican Grill- Bartonville

1401 Garfield Ave Bartonville , IL 61607
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Bartonville // Jose Barragan moved to Peoria over 20 years ago, from Michoacan, Mexico. When he arrived, he brought with him dreams of owning and operating his own restaurant one day. And so, Barragan began his career in food service as a dishwasher at a local restaurant, learning the trade for several years and dedicating his life to hard work and dedication in pursuit of his dreams. Today, through his hard work, he now owns and operates three local restaurants in the greater Peoria area. But he doesn’t take the credit for his success; rather, he points to the customers for their kindness and support of his dreams and his restaurants. He encourages others to visit Peoria and take advantage of the tools and resources available for entrepreneurs throughout the community.