Pure Oasis Hair and Beauty Salon

315 Main Street Peoria, IL 61602
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Pure Oasis is an upscale salon that caters to all ethnicity of hair! Come to the Oasis for the ultimate experience!

Jamar Harden has been cutting hair as far back as he can remember. Helping others look and feel good has always been a passion of his. Growing up he remembers cutting his family's hair and enjoying the process. His talent was undeniable by the time he reached college. Classmates were soon lining up outside his door requesting his services.

Born and raised in Peoria, Jamar has always had a special place in his heart for his hometown. He is happy to see the growth, and opportunities that members of the community have to make

their dreams of business ownership come true and to see the help that is available to help them thrive. Pure Oasis Hair and Beauty Salon is more than just a dream come true for Jamar. His business is a representation of what hard work and dedication can create for anyone willing to put the work in.

“This is the best time to live in Peoria”, he says. A wave of young entrepreneurs are making their dreams come true in this city every day. Jamar wants to create an experience for everyone that walks through his doors, by providing all his customers with a great space that makes them feel welcomed, and valued.


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