River Valley Players

1302 Second Street, Henry IL 61537

(309) 238-7878

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Nestled along the gently rolling hillside of the Illinois River, the vibrant river community of Henry, IL is the "Best Town By a Dam Site." Not just a friendly and charming community with a bustling downtown, Henry is also home to River Valley Players, a community theater organization that has been entertaining the communities of the Illinois River valley since 1977 in a unique dinner theater experience.

Since its inception, RVP has staged a wide array of shows ranging from the family friendly Sound of Music, to the fun filled antics of the Church Basement Ladies, and the decadent night life of 1930's Berlin in Cabaret (the show that inspired RVP's founding!). RVP has become an integral part of the Henry community and will continue to be for years to come.

River Valley Players truly has a show for everyone - whether you are in the audience or on the stage.


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