If The Spoon Fits: 37 Ice Cream Spots to Try


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Today my friends, we have some very serious business to discuss.

It’s a centuries-old topic that’s both polarizing and uncomfortable, contentious, and cumbersome.

A topic that’s destroyed friendships…and broken family bonds.

A topic that causes even the great philosophers of our time to scratch their profound heads in perplexity.

It’s a topic that’s downright controversial, so brace yourselves…….

Today, we’re talking about the top spots for ice cream in the Peoria Area. Here are 37 of the most arguably popular spots in all the land. Which one has your heart?

Yeni's Ice Cream

  1. Yeni’s Palarte Mexican Ice Cream   {Peoria Heights}

  2. Double D’s   {Pekin}

  3. Emo’s Dairy Mart   {Peoria}

  4. Dream Hut   {Bartonville}

  5. FrozenSpoon    {Germantown Hills}

  6. Emack & Bolio’s   {Peoria Heights}

  7. Ice Cream Shack    {Peoria + Sunnyland}

  8. Twistee Treat    {East Peoria}

  9. Bob’s Dairy Dream    {East Peoria}

  10. Pinky’s   {Tremont}

  11. Uncle Bob’s Homemade Ice Cream    {Eureka}

  12. The Whip    {Wyoming}

  13. Tall Bob’s Ice Cream Roundup    {Peoria}

  14. Little Land of Candy -N- More    {Chillicothe}

  15. Las Delicias Mexican Ice Cream    {Peoria}

  16. Ernie’s Dairy Dream    {Peoria}

  17. Swirls    {Bellevue}

  18. Korner Island    {Marquette Heights}

  19. 8th Street Sweet Spot    {Pekin}

  20. Sweet CeCe’s    {Peoria}

  21. Sucré Sweets and Socials    {Morton}

  22. Lydia’s Dairy Barn    {Eureka}

  23. Stomping Ground Ice Cream    {Princeville}

  24. Toots Treats    {Elmwood}

  25. Ollie’s Ice    {Canton}

  26. Peaches Ice Cream    {Havana}

  27. Kona Ice  {mobile}

  28. Brakers Market   {Eureka}

  29. Happy Shack   {Canton}

  30. Hannam’s Dairy Dream   {Canton}

  31. Jule’s Ice Cream + Coffee   {Cuba}

  32. The Sweet Shoppe   {Canton}

  33. Theo’s Ice Cream   {Peoria}

  34. Scrolls   {Morton}

  35. Fairview Ice Cream Center   {Fairview}

  36. O’s Rolled Ice Cream   {Farmington}

  37. Grandma Rosies   {Lacon}

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